You are a warrior. Warriors don’t give up. Don’t back out. So pick up your shield and sword and fight. “If you have survived an abuser and you tried to make things right. If you forgave and you struggled, and even if the expression of your grief and your anger tumbled out at times in […]

You do not get to choose the events that come into your life or the sorrows that take you by surprise. Sometimes they interrupt your life, shake it up, bring on pauses. They catch you off guard, topple you off your mantle, make you hold your head in sorrow wondering what you did wrong, what […]

Why does one go about looking for ‘Endings’? Happy endings, sad endings, knobbly endings, barely there endings. Any ending. As if what lies between a start and an end isn’t real and what IS real is that one full stop. A closure. Why is this search such a big part of human nature as if we […]

You are H20

Originally posted on Stories of Light:
Water does stuff that we don’t do. Like evaporate. Be a place for shrimp to die. Lie on my bathroom floor until I slip on it. Scare the shit out of my cat. Be a toilet for whales. But it has some similarities with us too. 1. Stagnant water…

The bubble debacle

Recently on a shopping trip to one of the popular malls in the UAE, we came across a toy store which had put up a battery operated bubble machine close to its façade. There were beautiful bubbles blowing in all directions and a group of kids eagerly chasing them while their bemused parents looked on. Before […]