Happiness is a D.I.Y:)

You can make yourself happy wherever and whenever you want … under any circumstances. With the thoughts you choose. Which in turn talks to your heart, which in turn, makes your heart sing, which in turn makes you feel happiness … This can be done … no matter what … even in a war zone! The […]

30 days of Iftar

The Iftars* i have been invited to have been interesting experiences. People sitting around a table filled with food and drink of all kinds…families, friends, guests, just people… hi and lo all sharing their meals and cajoling each other to have just a bit more. The homes are pregnant of the scent of saffron, cinnamon and […]

I am not a flower….

Back after a very long time! I have had the most strenuous 2 months. Work wise and personally. Finally settling down into a comfortable phase i now proudly look forward to playing a part in my latest project. #WalkTheTalk -an initiative by AWARE, led by Mr Sandhiyan Thelagavathy. We have come  together to form groups on Whatsapp […]

You are a warrior. Warriors don’t give up. Don’t back out. So pick up your shield and sword and fight. “If you have survived an abuser and you tried to make things right. If you forgave and you struggled, and even if the expression of your grief and your anger tumbled out at times in […]