….good enough for me.

Beautiful words by one of my most favourite woman Alex Elle. This is for all beautiful women out there who continue inspiring me, loving me, and from whom rubs off the seed of self-empowerment.

good enough for me

I am 33 today! Every crow line around my eyes, and every grey hair I am beginning to earn are moments I have gathered. And there are times when I have to remind myself to let them go. Cos no matter what they are, good or bad, all moments pass.

I am 33 today and I have no qualms in announcing it! I have let go of gooey pastes to conceal my flaws or mascaras to accentuate the fire in my eyes. Or borrowed wings to help me soar. I have let go of the sheath of predetermined conceptions, of tailor made roles, the hallmark of a stereotype.

I am 33 today and today and everyday I pledge that I will always strive to break the stereotypical mentality. Strive towards bringing about change. In thinking, understanding, feeling, seeing. Towards my own self and towards others around me. However miniscule it may be. It will be My change.


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