Like Rebecca West famously quoted….

Don’t get me wrong…I am soooooo not a feminist. I love and appreciate men and all their nuances dearly. What would we do without the challenge of sharing spaces with them.

So, that makes me a Humanist perhaps?! Since I stand for Empowerment, no matter what the sex is? Has someone come up with a better word already? 🙂

neha sabnis for AWARE

I wrote the above mentioned article  towards supporting AWARE in its quest for injustice & abuse against women.

Check out AWARE and its efforts on their Facebook page. Like them or volunteer to be part of their endeavours.




THIS IS NOT a sponsored post. I have no vested interest in AWARE except that i relate to their cause and honestly, I needed to start somewhere…


6 thoughts on “AWARE

    1. Thank You dear John. The whole point is to help more women see light and hope within themselves. Its about un-learning and un-conditioning ourselves from years of programmed thinking.
      Like you mention, if even one life changes, i would consider myself done !:)

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