‘Love’ is the answer. Now, what was the question?

feet and sand


But the truth is, I just feel so much.

Every energy, vibration, word and action goes straight to my heart. Its not always great for me but I love confronting what I am and if it comes to choosing between feeling everything and feeling nothing at all, I would choose the former anytime.

At the end of it all, who do i have to prove anything to, but myself?

Somehow, I have always felt it takes courage to listen, know, understand and acknowledge your minutest feelings. Lord knows! It’s the hardest job ever.
At such times I have realised, self love is the best medicine.
When u love yourself,
you feel good.
You feel good,
you do good.
You do good,
You feel better…
And the cycle continues .

There is a wonderful poem, “Outwitted” by Edwin Markham, that tells one what to do when other peoples ‘ fences’ keep you from enlarging in your respective world :

“He drew a circle that shut me out-
Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.
But LOVE and I had the wit to win:
We drew a circle and took him In!”



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