The best place to find joy, is in a garden…


There is something spiritual about working with earth.

The other day i felt a bit down, so decided to get my hands dirty in the small garden i am trying to create on my balcony. My crop of basil, oregano, sage, coriander, parsley, rosemary and thyme has really done well over the last season and i am pretty proud of the way my plants have grown without any chemical help.

On this particular morning, i decided to work on my vegetable bed which is quite amateur at the moment, but is just about sprouting Tomatoes. Within a few minutes of just digging into the soft earth, made me feel calmer and clearer. It was like working with a stress ball. The smell of fresh damp mud uplifted my spirits and enlivened my aching heart.

After spending about an hour with the pots and plants, i was spent. But happy.

I looked around and realised  those gnomes were giving me a wise knowing look.

Is this why they are always smiling?



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