A Slice of Pie….

pie 7

So i broke my resolution of not baking anything sweet for a month, in a bid to shift some extra calories. My sweet tooth went hysterical and i finally succumbed.

After a lot of thinking on what to bake, i finally decided on a Key Lime Pie with merengue topping to make it even more sinful 🙂 It tuned out to be exactly as i wished voluptuous but light in texture and on the palette, with the just the right amount of sweet to break the citrusy limey flavor.

It took me an hour to put it together… take a peek.

key lime pie


1.6 large eggs

2.Juice of 6 key limes. These are green in color, much smaller than the lemon and really tart.

Feel free to use the regular lemon if you don’t have key limes. Optionally, also try this recipe with oranges.

3. Castor sugar, 1 cup

4. Condensed milk, 1 large can

5. 2 spoons of cream

6. Biscuit crumble. Made out of any leftover biscuits you might have in the larder. I used a pack of McVities digestives.

7. Melted butter. Enough to brush the biscuit crust.

Choose your pie dish and butter the bottom. Spread the biscuit crumble into the pie dish and press down hard so it forms a crust. Use a spatula for this. Pour or brush molten butter onto the crust and refrigerate while you get the rest done.

Separate the yolks from the whites. Be careful to not mix an ounce of the yellow into the white mixture or the merengue wont fluff up.

Whisk the yolks until they froth. Add the lime juice. Then add the can of condensed milk and the cream. Whisk again until uniform. Pour onto the pie dish with the biscuit crust.

For the merengue:

Quickly  whisk the egg whites. Add the sugar and keep beating until white and fluffy, and soft peaks begin to form. Pour this entire mixture onto the pie dish on top of the egg yolk mixture.

The egg white mixture should be firm enough for it to stay the way it is poured.

Pop the pie dish into the Oven at 350 F, for 40 minutes, or until the merengue turns brown and crisp.

Serve with a swirl of fresh cream and lemon rind gratings for added effect.

Ta daaaaa….!!!!

Note: Though this pie contains a lot of eggs. The lime juice cuts away any repulsive egg-y odour. Even then, for those with a sensitive nose, you can use a few drops of vanila or almond essence. Also, the amount of tartness can be adjusted according to your taste.


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