What my mother taught me ….

….and words of wisdom I pass on to my daughter…

1. Patience

” Just wait till daddy gets home…”

2. Receiving

” You are really going to get it when we get home…”

3. Meeting a Challenge

“What are you thinking? Answer me when i talk to you! Don’t speak back to me!!! (phew)

4. Medical science

” if you watch too much TV, your eyes will go square…”

5. Thinking long term

“If you don’t do your homework, you wont get a good job…”


” Put your sweater on: don’t you think i know it when u are cold…”

7. Humour

” When you fall and break your leg, don’t come running to me…”

8. Genetics

” You are just like your father…”

9. Age

“When u get to be a mommy , you will know…”


” One day you will have kids, and i hope they turn out just like you… then we ‘ll see whats its like…”


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