Lights out!!


This post is exactly the opposite of my earlier one.

You are shattered and cant wait the kid to get into bed. If bedtime is a battleground… and in most cases it is…here are some crummy but creative ways to make it happen!

1. Keep the kids away from sugar, chocolates or fizz, or they will be bouncing in bed rather than sleeping in it!

2. Read them a bedtime story in your most boring voice.

3.Make them run around the garden ( if you don’t have a garden, the stairs will do), for a couple of hours when they get home from school. That will take care of their energy levels.

4.Milk and bananas are supposed to aid sleep. So whip up a banana smoothie, but no sugar please!

5.Lavender is GREAT to aid sleep. Add a drop or two to their bath water.

6.Turn the TV off. This may cause tantrums but it will have them traipsing to their rooms on time.

7.Alter the clock so they think they have been up too late anyway.

8.Treat your self to a glass of Merlot ( or two). It wont help them to get to sleep any quicker, but you wont care quite so much!


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