The dreaded WAKE UP call!

Every mother knows the worst chore of the day is to wake up the kids in the morning. Its a moment not many mothers look forward to and honestly neither do the kids…So to try to help you avoid the pre school panic and running after school buses, here are the best ten ways to get your kids up in no time!! Of course.. the crummy mummy way…

1. Pop Metallica into their CD player and blast it at full volume. Remember to do it just for a moment ( or until you shake them out of bed ) or you will risk being shaken up by your groggy and cranky husband or partner.

2. Threaten to confiscate their pocket money and every piece of candy in the house for every minute they don’t budge.

3. Put a cold wet towel down their back.

4.Tell them their favourite program is on TV whether its true or not.

5.Tickle torture ( This works best with my tyke)

6.Go out the front door and slam it loudly so they think you are leaving without them. Remember this only works with the younger ones. The older ones will merely breathe a sigh of relief and go back to sleep.

7. Start gathering their toys, clothes, other items and putting them in a garbage bag.

8.Scream and point to the bottom of their bed, then without any explanation, run out of the room. ( This only works occasionally, so its best used during dire circumstances)

9. Enjoy. Plunge yourself into bed over them. They will be out and about in no time.

A word of caution: All the above methods will make your kid hate you just that one moment, but then you haven’t been a parent if you haven’t been hated by your child.


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